Are Mobile Medical Rooms the Answer to Long Term Care?


With 79 million baby boomers starting to enter retirement, a new startup is trying to make in home care for seniors more affordable with MedCottage, a portable home that can be placed at a caregiving property for someone needing rehab or long term care reports Med City News.

With $2 million in funding, N2Care LLC wants the product to serve as a mobile hospital with a small kitchen, a wheelchair-accessible bathroom and a bedroom equipped with medical and remote monitoring technology. That technology includes devices to measure vital signs, plus motion sensors to detect falls and a communication system for both monitoring and notification, said Susan Conn, director of operations at N2Care in an interview with Med City News.

Conn said the company has spent the last year redesigning the MedCottage unit for commercial sale and preparing to also launch a standalone version of the medical technology package for use in a home. In gearing up for the product launches, N2Care is raising a $2 million round.

It made its commercial debut in Salem, Virginia in May of last year, but the very first MedCottage unit will be rolled out to a customer in Fairfax, Virginia next month. N2Care will also be launching the mobile rooms in the New England market.

The units aren’t cheap, they typically run around $85,000 with a buyback option that will typically fetch $38,000 after two years.

New approach to eldercare puts mobile medical rooms in caregivers’ yards

John Yedinak



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