CNN: Start a Senior Care Business


Want to live a more fulfilling life? CNN reports that some are doing that by starting an elder care business.

Profiling a husband and wife who left their previous jobs after realizing how much more fulfilling it was assisting seniors to live on their own.

“I’d drive them to appointments, read them their mail, or just sit with them and talk,” says Lisa, who worked the rest of the week as a real estate agent. “I really enjoyed my time with them.”Her experiences gave the couple the idea for a business, one that would provide caregivers to help elderly folks with nonmedical tasks like cooking meals and running errands. With the first boomers turning 65, the Hartwells saw explosive demand ahead. And they felt they could use their backgrounds — his in “solutions,” hers in customer service — to improve on what was available.

They provide an interesting breakdown of how much it costs to do it, check it out.

Golden idea: Quit and start an elder care business

John Yedinak



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