Univita Health Acquires All-Med Services


Univita Health announced on Monday it has acquired All-Med Services of Florida, one of the largest providers of home based care.

The addition of All-Med expands Univita’s reach to supper tore than five million people through its programs.

“Our unique home-based care management model that is based on the integration of home care and complex care management continues to demonstrate transformational value for health plans and other payors,” said Hugh Lytle, president and chief executive officer of Univita. “The addition of All- Med will allow us to expand that model, and grow into new geographical markets, even more quickly and effectively.”

Since its founding in 1987, All-Med has partnered with major health plans as a single point of contact for managing all home care services, including skilled nursing, infusion pharmacy, durable medical equipment and respiratory services.

“For over 25 years, we’ve built a reputation based on unparalleled customer service and innovative care management strategies,” said Raul Rodriguez, founder and executive chairman of All-Med. “We’ve improved patient care and reduced health care costs through our integrated care platform, which will be taken to the national level by joining forces with Univita.”

Univita’s integrated care model focuses on the 30% of patients that account for approximately 90% of the U.S. health care spend. The acquisition of All-Med enhances Univita’s proven capacity to support growing high risk populations, including dual eligibles, by integrating medical and non-medical care in the home.

“Joining Univita is an ideal step forward for All-Med given our shared vision for home-based care management,” said Jorge Pereda, chief executive officer of All-Med. “Collectively, we will continue to align incentives with health plans and members by entering into accountable care agreements that deliver improved patient care and provide added predictability to health plans.”

John Yedinak



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