Conn. Union Supporters & Opponents Galvanized by Collective Bargaining Approval

The Connecticut House recently approved a proposal that gives certain home care workers collective bargaining rights in a move that has galvanized both union supporters and opponents, reports The CT Mirror.

By passing the measure 84-57 after six hours of debate, the House resurrected the substance of two proposals that died last month after Republican legislators prevented them from being voted on in the Labor and Public Employees Committee before the committee’s deadline for taking action. Both supporters and opponents had expected they would resurface before the session ends in May, and they did Friday as an amendment to a labor bill.

The bill, which now goes to the Senate, would allow for collective bargaining by day care providers paid through the state’s Care 4 Kids program and personal care attendants who provide home care to seniors and people with disabilities and whose pay is funded by state programs.

The approved proposal follows the state’s Gov. Dannel Malloy’s executive order allowing care providers to unionize, at which point the Connecticut’s first home care worker union formed.

However, there is plenty of opposition to the bill, including those who believe it “takes away the choices and flexibility people with disabilities and their families have fought for, including the ability to determine the wages for their staff,” says The CT Mirror.

On the other hand, some home care workers herald the right to unionize as a way to establish cohesion and a common voice; union supporters say improving pay and working conditions can “help bolster workforces that are in demand.”

Read the full article here.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

Alyssa Gerace



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