NY Times Editorial: Home Care Workers Deserve Basic Fairness

President Obama guaranteed home care workers minimum wage and overtime pay protections last December, and it’s time for the government to make good on its promise, a New York Times opinion column writes.

The problem is that the new rules have yet to be finalized, and could still be derailed or watered down.

The Labor Department has until the end of May to digest thousands of comments on its proposal. Most of the comments were supportive, including those from home care agencies that already adhere to fair pay laws, professional health associations, labor activists and advocates for the elderly. Opposition came mainly from for-profit home care franchisees — a growing segment in a traditionally nonprofit industry — who said that fair pay would devastate affordable home care. That is the same argument that prevailed in 2002, when reforms proposed at the end of the Clinton administration were spiked.

… It will take Mr. Obama’s engaged leadership to ensure that the long-overdue new rules, which offer basic fairness for home care aides, are carried out.

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker