AT&T to Launch Wireless Home Health Care Technology

Is AT&T (NYSE: T) getting into the home health care business? Not exactly, but through a recent partnership with Valued Relationships Inc., the telecomm giant will be developing a remote patient monitoring service in an effort to manage VRI patients and reduce hospital readmissions.

The technology will allow VRI’s nursed-staffed telemonitoring center to manage patients 24 hours a day by providing information on health status from vital signs to disease, according to a press release. It will be able to notify a home health care provider when intervention is needed, and can collect data wirelessly from monitoring devices, then send it to the care provider via secure network.

“This innovative solution will connect providers to patients for monitoring and intervention,” said Randall Porter, assistant vice president, AT&T ForHealth, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. “Patients will have peace of mind knowing their biometric data is being monitored for trending analyses, to improve outcomes and help prevent relapses. AT&T is providing multiple facets of this managed solution from wireless connectivity and sales and marketing support to device delivery and return.”

The service will be made available to care providers on a monthly basis, and includes device delivery to patients’ homes. It is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2012.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker