CMS Medical Device Bidding Program a Success? Too Soon To Tell says GAO

The Government Accountability Office(GAO) found that it’s too soon to determine the success of completive bidding on Medicare beneficiaries and Durable Medical Equipment Providers (DME).

While the GAO found the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) first round of competitive bidding was successfully implemented, it also found that utilization declined in certain areas. 

“More experience with DME competitive bidding is needed, particularly to see if evidence of beneficiary access problems emerges. For that reason, it is important to continue monitoring changes in the number of suppliers serving CBP-covered beneficiaries,” said the report. 

In April, CMS found the program resulted in $200 million of savings to the Medicare program, but the industry argued the program could lead to shortages or hardships for beneficiaries to obtain equipment. 

CMS said it plans to roll out the program to 100 metro areas throughout the United States, up from nine during its first round. 

View a copy of the GAO report here

Written by John Yedinak


John Yedinak



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