Dallas Hospital Blames Home Health Agencies for “Unsafe Discharges”

A Dallas Hospital is placing blame on home health agencies for problems its discharged patients have suffered, according to a Dallas Morning News report. The home health agencies have either not provided the care they promised or have received delayed care, Parkland Memorial Hospital alleges, in some cases leading to readmission of those patients. However, some say the hospital may also be to blame. 

The Dallas Morning News’ Brooks Egerton reports

Parkland Memorial Hospital is blaming home health-care agencies for recent problems suffered by discharged patients.

Some needy patients, as I reported earlier today, didn’t get promised home care promptly — or at all. Some ended up back in the hospital. One “was discharged on a Friday, with services to begin Monday,” according to a leaked email from a Parkland manager that I cited.

Yet “we did everything right on our end for a safe patient discharge,” Parkland spokeswoman April Foran told me in a voice mail message today after seeing my previous post. She said the hospital has complained to state regulators about home health agencies that “dropped the ball.”

Yesterday, I sent Foran a copy of the leaked email and requested statistics on what it calls the “increasing failure of home health referral services.” Foran responded then with this statement (but no statistics): “It is an issue on which we are making progress. We have engaged the consulting firm Clinical Intelligence to conduct a complete retooling of our care management function including home health-care referral. We have committed $1.8 million to this effort.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

Alyssa Gerace



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