Quan May Bet Big on Home Care Robots for Seniors

Quantum International Corp. is exploring new opportunities to deliver personal assistance robots capable of helping the elderly lead more independent and productive lives.

The company says it’s currently looking to robotics developers in the U.S. to test innovative new home-care automatons designed to reduce stress on families and other caregivers charged with assisting seniors and others requiring day-to-day care. These robots include navigation software that has been demonstrated to determine static and dynamic obstacle avoidance skills, eliminating the need for joystick control or programmed pathways. 

 “The robots can carry onboard third-party sensors for monitoring blood pressure, pulse, oxygen and more, allowing human nurses and other care providers to devote more time to more demanding tasks,” said the company in a press release. “Designed with safety in mind, these interactive machines have reportedly been received enthusiastically by both care givers and receivers.”

Quan says it plans to announce its business targets in the space soon. 

Written by John Yedinak

John Yedinak



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