AARP and Microsoft Team Up to Bring Health Information Storage Home

Microsoft, the worldwide software leader, and AARP are teaming up in the launch of an online health information service that allows AARP members to store their health information using a high-tech internet storage program.

The service, AARP Health Record, seeks to streamline patient information storage and improve manageability of personal and family health, AARP and Microsoft announced this month.

AARP Health Record will be free to AARP members and aims to serve as a single location where users can store all personal health information from different sources.

The companies will work together and use Microsoft HealthVault as the platform for storing individual and family health information. Consumers will also have the option of sharing information including blood type, drug allergies, medications, healthy history and emergency contact information with health care providers.

“Our members need information that is current and convenient, so they can ask smart questions and communicate effectively with the healthcare system, whether they are in their doctor’s office or halfway around the world on vacation.” said AARP Vice President Nicole Duritz. Duritz says this is the future of health care.

Applications ranging from one that tracks fitness goals to another that allows AARP members to import prescription information will be available to HealthVault users.

AARP expects Health Record to be part of a larger initiative the company is taking to help people 50-plus in navigating the health care system and managing their health using online tools.

Written by Erin Hegarty


Erin Hegarty




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