Bloomberg: Health Care Reform a “Mixed Bag” for Home Health

While the entire country could be affected by the supreme court’s decision on health care reform, implications of the reform decision will especially be felt among the 11,000 company home care industry, reports Bloomberg News.

Whether or not all home care patients are directly affected by the decision, the entire home care industry will surely feel the decision’s repercussions, which could include an 11% loss of revenue over the next 8 years, reports Bloomberg News this week.

Bloomberg News’ “Bottom Line” provides an outlook on how the decision will affect non-insurance industries including home health care. 

“I don’t know what most of my patients would do without home care,” Lacy Middleton an Amedisys health care nurse says in the report. 

View the full video here

Written by Erin Hegarty

Erin Hegarty



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