Michigan Expands Home Care Program for Aging Veterans

VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System is expanding its program for providing care to aging veterans in home-like environments to more than 101 sites.

The Medical Foster Home program is an adult foster care home combined with a Veterans Administration interdisciplinary home care team that will help seniors stay in a home-like environment in a cost-effective way. It’s meant for seniors who can’t safely live alone and require a nursing home-level of care but would prefer to remain in a non-institutional setting. 

The program, which matches eligible veterans to approved homes and experienced caregivers, was piloted in 1999 and is now being expanded to more than 101 sites.

The costs of each participant’s care depends on acuity level and financial resources. Caregivers are paid directly by the veteran or the veteran’s family or legal representative, and the program’s fees encompass room and board, 24-hour care and supervision, three meals a day plus snacks, socialization and recreation, and a “safe and therapeutic” home environment. 

Find out more at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Written by Alyssa Gerace

Alyssa Gerace