N.Y. County Home Health Care Agency Worried About Private Market Competition

A New York county is concerned that possible competition from private home health care agencies will lead to less comprehensive service after the state Department of Health changed rules earlier this year regarding who is able to provide home health services. 

PostStar.com reports:

The rule change goes against prior policies in which private companies would have to show there is a need for their health services.

“The state’s rules have always been they will determine whether or not the county needed any other home health-care agencies based on need,” [said Warren County Adminstrator Paul Dusek].

The state, though, has decided to allow competition in an effort to cut costs for home health-care services as part of Medicaid reform. It is believed there will be more of a demand for these services in the coming years.

“There was a concern there would not be enough providers of these services if the demand increased,” said Peter Constantakes, a spokesman for the state Department of Health.

Dusek, though, said adding service providers in a county like Warren where there is a mix of urban, suburban and rural communities could cause problems.

Private providers would probably focus only on the more developed areas like Queensbury and Glens Falls where they could make more money, he said.

Warren County Health Services is compiling a study meant to show the state Health Department why it is “well-posed” to continue as the only Certified Home Health Agency” in the county, and Dusek says there’s especial concern that rural areas will be underserved.

Read the full article at PostStar.com.

Written by Alyssa Gerace

Alyssa Gerace



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