Text Prediction the Next Big Thing For Digital Health Records?

In keeping with the race to digitize storage of health records SwiftKey, a company that aims to make typing on touchscreen devices easier, announced today the launch of their predictive text technology device, SwiftKey Healthcare.

The on-screen keyboard is made to be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry and aims to reduce time spent inputting text by decreasing the number of keystrokes the user must make. This is done through the device’s predictive text feature, says SwiftKey.

Common words and phrases used among health care workers are incorporated in the predictive text feature which is based on Natural Language Processing technology.

As a result of fewer key strokes, the company believes fuller and more detailed notes are made in less time.

The company says they also offer programs that are made more specific fields of study such as home care and hospice.

Written by Erin Hegarty

Erin Hegarty



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