TIME: Alternatives to Nursing Homes? Try Home Care

A TIME feature story published Friday delves into the topic of caring for aging parents. Providing insight into residential options that serve as alternatives to nursing homes including  board and care homes, assisted living and other options, the TIME story details some considerations for home and community care. 

TIME reports: 

Here are some housing and care options to consider:

Home and community care. “Most people really want to be at home. They enjoy hearing their dog barking outiside, smelling food from the kitchen, having the familiar quilt on their bed,” says Malene Smith Davis, CEO of Capital Caring, which provides palliative care and guidance for families. Home care services can involve nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and social workers, depending on the patient’s need. Some home services include adult day care, daily check-ups and Meals on Wheels programs. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance may pay some home care costs related to medical needs.

Medicare may pay for the home care services of family members needing short-term home care — usually just a few weeks
Medicaid covers long-term home care services, but each state determines who is eligible and which services are covered

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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