Care Connector Sites See Increase in Desire for In-Home Care

As the costs of long-term care continue to rise, more and more are turning to in-home care as an alternative—or at least a delay—to entering a senior living community, and websites that serve to connect care seekers with caregivers are noticing.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing people who want to stay at home, if possible,” says Scott Healy, Executive Vice president of Marketing and General Manager of, a online service that connects families with care providers.

Roughly 80% of the customers they speak with are trying “really hard” to stay at home, he says.

“For the most part we’re able to [help them] do that, at least for a six-month period, until the need for assisted living or a nursing home kicks in,” he says. “We’re kind of agnostic whether we refer people to home care or senior housing.”

The trend toward in-home care has been similarly noticed at, another online service which seeks to connect consumers with a network of senior living options. The site lists a selection of senior care providers, including home care, hospice, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care, and says it has seen a “substantial increase” in traffic to its growing In-Home Care category.

LivingSenior says it “attributes the growth to expansions in social media networking and development of regular content on the subject” and expects the category to continue growing in the coming months as it builds more in-home care provider partnership.

The site opened its In-Home Care content and category listing just a few months ago and has seen substantial growth—especially in the first half of July.

“We anticipate the theme based blogs and current affair articles will guide a growing number of readers to our site, specifically the In-Home Care category,” says LivingSenior representative James Connolly. “The steady growth seems to point at In-Home Care being the popular choice for many readers. It is understandable since aging at home is a first choice for many seniors.”

Written by Alyssa Gerace

Alyssa Gerace




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