Former Home Health Care Franchise Workers Outraged Over Lack of Payment

Dozens of former workers for a now-defunct New York home healthcare franchise are outraged after not receiving wages for hours of work they had put in, reports the local ABC Eyewitness News.

One single mother of two said she worked for two months and didn’t get a dime from Bright Star Franchise owner Christopher Luis—and she’s not alone.

ABC7 reports

Eyewitness News’ investigation has found that whens Luis closed down his Bright Star franchise last September, he still owed dozens of workers more than a $100,000 in back pay and overtime.

…Eyewitness News tracked down the owner of the failed franchise who repeatedly claimed his losses are far greater than those of his former workers.

“You want my story, you want my story?” said Christopher Luis, “I lost a million dollars in wages. In money. My life savings are gone, my marriage fell apart, I lost my townhouse. I lost all my friends.”

Luis blames the health insurance companies for failure to make pay-roll.

“I ran out of business because insurance companies were taking three, four, five six months to pay me back,” said Luis.

Court documents show Christopher Luis got nearly a half-million dollar loan in 2008 to pay his workers during the lag in insurance reimbursements.

The state labor department is investigating what happened.

 Read the full story at ABC7.

Written by Alyssa Gerace 

Alyssa Gerace



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