Michigan Sees Support from 550,000 on Home Care Ballot Proposal

A collection of 550,000 signatures was submitted to Michigan’s state government Thursday in an attempt to ensure the opportunity of home care for low-income seniors and disabled individuals, a Michigan Live article reports.

Efforts are led by Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care and also include the establishment of a homecare provider registry that would enable patients to choose their providers after each has passed a background check and has undergone proper job training.

Additionally, if the petition earns the organization a spot on the statewide November ballot and it passes, home care providers could keep their union bargaining rights, according to the article.

It is this component of the measure that has State Representative Paul Opsommer (R-DeWitt) in disagreement with the proposal’s motivation.

The measure attempts to “hijack the federal Home Help Program, twisting it for its own purposes, and then milking it for everything it can,” said Opsommer according to the article.

Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care also focuses on allowing seniors and people with disabilities an opportunity to remain independent and in a familiar, affordable setting as a key component of the proposed measure.

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Written by Erin Hegarty

Erin Hegarty

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