Stolen Laptop Compromises Health Information for 10,000 Patients

A laptop containing the personal records of nearly 10,000 patients from Hartford Hospital and Connecticut home health organization VNA HealthCare, was stolen from a health care vendor, the Associated Press reported today. 

The theft was reported in San Mateo, Calif. by an employee of Greenplum, a data analytics organization, who was was running data analysis on hospital readmissions, according to the AP article.

Patient data stored on the laptop includes names, Social Security numbers, Medicaid and Medicare numbers, diagnosis information, and treatment records, according to Rebecca Stewart, Hartford Hospital’s spokeswoman. 

Stewart says there are no signs of information being misused, and free credit monitoring is being offered to patients whose information was stolen. Additionally, the hospital is running a call center for all patients involved in the theft. 

Written by Erin Hegarty

Erin Hegarty




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