AARP: Seniors Fear Presidential Candidates Neglecting Medicare Issues

With the 2012 presidential campaign looming overhead, a July 2012 AARP survey finds aging Americans believe candidates are neglecting key issues, causing seniors to experience increased anxiety about retirement and their ability to afford healthcare as they age.

Contributing to seniors’ uneasy feelings about retirement and healthcare are weaknesses in the Medicare and Social Security programs, according to the survey that talked to voters aged 50 and older.

A strong commitment to Medicare and its benefits is evident among aging votes as 95% agree that Medicare is a crucial program in maintaing the health of seniors and future generations.


Along with their commitment to the program, 59% of seniors plan on using Social Security and Medicare to provide health care security. Strengthening the two programs are high on the list of what seniors believe will reduce their fear of aging, and responders to the survey see a collaboration between both political parties as the only way to improve Social Security and Medicare.

Of the voters surveyed, 53% fear they cannot afford the health care expenses they will accumulate as they reach older age. Baby Boomers experience higher anxiety over this topic than already retired Americans, according to the survey.

Despite the heavy importance seniors place on the improvement of Medicare and Social Security, boomers are not confident in the program’s future.



View the AARP survey here.

Written by Erin Hegarty

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