Fox Business: Fewer Doctors? More Home Health Jobs

The United States is making way for new jobs in light of a weaker overall job market, but they are concentrated heavily in one important sector: health care. 

Health care jobs, currently on the rise at a rate of around 10%, will continue to surge in the coming years as the number of doctors falls, driving the need for more home health care assistants, technology professional, coding professionals and others, Fox Business reports

There are a myriad of reasons the health-care sector is booming, including the graying baby boomer generation and increased life expectancy. The Affordable Care Act by most estimates will bring in 30 million more people to have access to health insurance, driving up the demand for industry workers. Not to mention the shift to electronic health records is creating an increased need for IT professionals. Add to all this is the fact that there is already a shortage of workers in the sector, and Gautam Godhwani, chief executive of, says it’s not surprising that there are so many job openings. The site’s August job outlook report showed 43% of the top hiring companies were in health-care related sectors.


“The shortage starts right at the top,” says Godhwani. “What we’ve seen in the country for a long time has been a shortage of physician and surgeons.” But it doesn’t stop at their either. Because of the lack of doctors, there’s more of a need for nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists and home health-care workers to name a few…

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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