Fraud Awareness Campaign to Combat Elder Financial Abuse

Seniors and their families may be able to better protect themselves from becoming targets of fraud after the announcement of a new program launched by home care agency, Home Instead Senior Care, this week. 

The program, Protect Seniors from Fraud, seeks to reduce senior financial abuse by supplying patients and their families with easy access to information and tools that help protect them from becoming targets, according to Home Instead Senior Care.

Protect Seniors from Fraud uses expert advice from The National Association of Triads, a senior crime prevention organization, and offers free online resources and a Senior Fraud Protection Kit that includes scam prevention tips, risk assessment tools, and advice on what to do if someone you know is scammed. 


Seniors often fall target to fraud because of their decreased mobility and reliance on others, cites Home Instead Senior Care. According to a 2011 MetLife study, elder abuse accounts for a collective financial loss of  $2.9 billion annually. 

“Increasingly, scams targeting seniors are a threat to the financial stability and safety of our nation’s seniors, putting many at risk for losing their life savings or homes–not to mention their trust in others, ” said Jisella Dolan, vice president and general counsel of Home Instead, Inc. “But there are easy steps seniors and their families can take to help prevent these crimes. Protect Seniors from Fraud will help reduce the risk by educating potential victims.”

Written by Erin Hegarty


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