Salmon Health Enters Home Care Industry Through Milford Acquisition

Massachusetts organization Salmon Health and Retirement acquired Milford Regional Medical Center’s hospice and home health operations in a transaction completed in August. 

The purchase is expected to increase Salmon’s current 1,460 client base by 1,200 patients, and allow the company its first entry into the home care industry. Additionally, Salmon’s number of hospice care patients is expected to double.

Salmon currently employs 1,800 people in its active adult and assisted living communities, rehab centers and skilled nursing centers and with the acquisition, will take on Milford’s 136 hospice employees. 

Milford believes Salmon will help maintain and improve the organization’s quality of care in a time when reimbursements for home-care based services can cause uncertainty for the industry, according to an announcement regarding Milford’s home care services made earlier this year. 

Salmon’s Michele McGovern will oversee the merge operations and Jean Masciarelli will remain the director of Milford. 

Neither Milford nor Salmon have disclosed the terms of the transaction.

 Written by Erin Hegarty 

Erin Hegarty

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