In-Home Data the “Missing Link” to Improve Health Care, Prevent Rehospitalizations

Collecting in-home healthcare data is the “missing link” to comprehensive care systems looking to facilitate effective post-acute care settings for recently discharged hospital patients, according to the founder of a system that generates comprehensive, real-time behavioral and critical data from the homes of seniors and others with chronic conditions.

Following a hospitalization, there are several post-acute care settings for patients as they recover. However, improper post-acute care often results in rehospitalization‚ and hospitals will soon be penalized in the form of cuts to Medicare reimbursements for readmissions above a certain threshold.

The ability to collect and transmit healthcare data from a home setting can help, says Robert Herzog, CEO and founder of the eCaring system, reports Healthcare Finance News.


People on all sides of the equation are looking for ways to improve the health care system in ways that reduce costs while providing a high quality of care to patients. In-home data, says Herzog, can be used to:

  1. Intervene early
  2. Facilitate collaboration
  3. Bridge hospital-to-home gap
  4. Decrease readmissions
  5. Save money by reducing transitions to other care settings
  6. Educate and train patients and caregivers
  7. Reduce insurance claims

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Written by Alyssa Gerace