Is Video Care the Next Trend in Home Health Services?

A California company announced Thursday that it is expanding its home care services with a new technological innovation that might be the start of a larger trend in home health services. 

VideoCare is Homecare California’s touch-screen system that offers two-way video connection between care recipients and their families, progressional caregivers and friends. It is the latest in home care tech that the company believes will provide increased comfort for both families and care recipients.

VideoCare does not require a keyboard, mouse or any technical skill, says Homecare California, so the system is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to age in place independently. 


“VideoCare is a huge complement to our traditional in-home care giving services that allows us to connect with our clients and their families much more frequently,” says Greg Hartwell, founder and CEO of Homecare California. 

A family-owned company that serves San Mateo and Santa Clara, Calif. county residents, Homecare California understands the need for the well-being of seniors who want to remain in their homes. 

Management of the VideoCare system is handled remotely by care managers and family members that enables access to individuals’ medication schedules, among other features that foster quality of care and individual well-being. 


Aside from serving as a monitor for seniors and their caregivers, VideoCare also provides a secure internet portal to share pictures, videos or web content with family members and friends. The system can also be connected to wireless medical devices such as blood pressure units or weight scales, notes Homecare California. 

“Social connection is perhaps the most important factor in keeping seniors mentally and physically healthy,” says Hartwell. “Our clients and their families can now share their lives in ways that were never feasible before. It’s like magic to our elderly clients.”

Statistics show that 72% of seniors over the age 75 do not use this type of technology, according to Homecare California’s findings.

A valuable tool for seniors, family members and caregivers alike, the company hopes that VideoCare will not only give families another way to become engaged in their aging loved ones’ lives, but also minimize the isolation many seniors experience while aging in place.

Written by Jason Oliva