New Software Features Target DME Competitive Bidding Challenges

Fastrack Healthcare System has released new software features that target challenges stemming from competitive bidding challenges for durable medical equipment (DME). 

The new features are designed to help providers deal with competitive bidding reimbursement pressures by reducing operating costs through automation. The newest software release introduces workflow automation functions that can improve productivity and allow Fastrack users to schedule when the system will run key financial reports ahead of time.

Reports are automatically sent by email to all appropriate staff at a designated time, and can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly. They can contain certain data elements depending on which report is chosen. 


Fastrack also made changes to the billing process, which can now be segmented to match the existing processes of the provider—offering greater flexibility and control.  Billing can be run by specific users and bill type, such as Medicare, Medicaid, one or more insurance carriers, wholesale/facility, private pay, and/or workers compensation claims, as well as type of order including delivery, exchange, or maintenance. 

“We are fully committed to adding software features and technology to help our clients be more efficient with the ultimate goal of reducing their operating costs,” said Spencer Kay, president and CEO of Fastrack, in a statement. “We believe this is especially important in light of the reimbursement pressures created by competitive bidding.”

In addition to the new automation features, Fastrack also recently added an electronic response and tracking module meant to reduce the costs and time involved in dealing with a CMS audit. 


The new workflow and process enhancements have been added to the Fastrack Enterprise Systems for HME/DME and respiratory providers, infusion pharmacies and home health care agencies.

Written by Alyssa Gerace