New “Wonderwall” Technology Helps Keep Seniors at Home

A new development from the Munich University of Technology is improving the changes that older people have to remain in their homes even as their care needs increase, writes a Gizmag report this week. 

The university’s new “Wonderwall” technology is a touch-screen “wall” that lives inside a home and can perform tasks from finding keys to checking blood pressure and glucose levels. It can also be used in an emergency to contact a doctor or care service. 

Gizmag writes


“Based around a tablet computer mounted in its wardrobe-like panel, the wonderwall system blends into the look of a normal house – it even comes with all the usual hall fittings, including coat hooks and even a shoe horn right at the bottom.

It features an “indoor positioning system” that keeps track of mislaid items like keys and has an integrated air conditioning system which automatically keeps air circulating in the apartment if the resident forgets to turn it on.

The system also includes with biosensors which zero in on key vital signs like blood pressure and blood sugar levels. After assessing the health of the individual, it could be programmed to come up with suggestions like going out for walk, or perhaps even suggest medication. If things turn critical, it can notify a physician or other health professionals who can also be hooked into the system to regularly check on the patient.


The system would also provide access to regularly used information from bus timetables to family phone numbers to the weather forecast.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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