Visiting Nurses Association Closes Doors in Colorado Springs

Employees and community members were shocked when the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) suddenly closed the doors to its Colorado Springs office last week, according to an article from the The Colorado Springs Gazette. 

A nonprofit commonly known for its range of community and flu-shot clinics, VNA’s closing eliminated the jobs of nearly 50 nurses, social workers, among other employees, notes the Gazette. 

Just why exactly VNA shut the doors of its Colorado Springs property remains somewhat of a mystery to employees and community members alike.


Employees who had thought the company was in good standing financially were caught off-guard after receiving a termination letter in the mail, notes the article.

The letter to employees carried an even more cryptic message, notes the Gazette, saying the decision to close was “based solely on the needs of the business.” 

Last month, VNA cut much of its home health care services as a result of continued losses and increased competition in the for-profit sector springing up in the Dallas area.


CEO Robert Carpenter said the decision would help VNA shift focus to its other home health operations such as Meals on Wheels to help build its hospice and private-duty care services.

Following the decision, VNA said it would transfer home care and long-term care patients to other providers.

Read the full article from The Gazette here. 

Written by Jason Oliva

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