Home Care Provider Leans on Video Technology as “Cost-Effective” Service

Divine Home Care, a Minnesota-based provider, has announced that it is expanding its service offerings to include remote care technology.

Designed for seniors who typically do not use technology, VideoCare uses a touch-screen communication system that makes it easy for seniors to have video calls with family and friends. 

The simplicity of the system, according to Divine Home Care, allows cost-effective remote care services to augment their in-person care while keeping seniors and their families better connected. 


Because there is no keyboard, mouse or technical skill required to use VideoCare, seniors are able to communicate effortlessly and monitor health to professional caregivers. 

Just by simply touching a photo of a person a senior wants to speak with opens up a two-way video call. 

Th VideoCare system is managed through the Internet by family members and caregivers, ensuring that the senior needs no technical “know how” to operate the technology.


“We are passionate about providing the best possible quality of care to our clients,” says Robin Beebe, CEO and Founder of Divine Home Care. “VideoCare complements our topnotch in-person care and makes a positive difference in the lives of our clients, keeping them connected and engaged.”

VideoCare is designed to be a user-friendly solution for the millions of seniors who do not use technology.

“Our goal is to allow remote care to be delivered cost-effectively for seniors,” says David Trescot, CEO and Co-Founder of VideoCare. “Divine Home Care is a great partner because they are a driving force for quality and innovation in the care community.” 

Written by Jason Oliva

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