Inland Hospice and Visiting Nurses of Southern California Announce Merger

Both Inland Hospice and the Visiting Nurses Association Hospice and Palliative Care of Southern California have merged, reports Daily Bulletin.

While both non-profit organizations began decades ago with quality initiatives to help individuals in the community die as comfortably as possible, they have decided to continue their same missions with joined forces.

Though to the community it might look the same, the partnership will be business as usual, VNA President and CEO Marsha Fox says in the article.


The union looks to be what Fox calls a “perfect marriage” that allows the two companies to take advantage and utilize each other’s strengths. 

VNA was approached months ago about the possibility of a merger when Inland Hospice board of directors discovered that long-time Executive Director Rev. Jim Covey planned to retire, according to Fox.

“They said they were looking for a new partner but still wanted its programs to continue. We have the resources to be able to do more,” Fox told Daily Bulletin.


Created in 1979, Inland Hospice Association provides physical, emotional and spiritual support to individuals experiencing serious health challenges. 

Today, it provides counsel through a number of bereavement groups geared towards children, teenagers and seniors.

Both non-profits are based in Claremont and are only blocks apart, notes Daily Bulletin.

Written by Jason Oliva

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