NY Times: Receiving Services at Home is the Next Aging Trend

Increasingly, people will stick to their homes and communities with services flocking to those areas, writes a New York Times article this week. This includes city dwellers that will enjoy new infrastructure geared toward the aging-in-place movement as well as services they will want to receive in their homes. 

Those services will include care, through the help of technology and home care providers utilizing it, the article states. 

The New York Times writes


Influenced by long-term trends in housing design, communications technology, medical care and the expectations of the largest retiree generation in United States history, the outlines of the next era of American retirement are gaining clarity across the country….

…Software developers and engineers say they are making it easier for people to stay in their homes — urban or suburban — by inventing sensors, audio and visual equipment, and communications devices to provide care remotely. Much of the data, video and sound is accessible online, enabling instant contact with residents, and providing peace of mind for friends and family.

“In 20 years, many more people will stay in their homes who need help but don’t need to be in nursing care or assisted living,” said Casey Clements, the managing director of Rest Assured, which installs sensing and communications devices and assigns a trained staff member to provide what it calls telecare from its offices in Lafayette, Ind.


Founded in 2006 as a division of ResCare, based in Louisville and one of the nation’s largest in-home care providers, Rest Assured serves 600 clients in 16 states for an average cost of $1,100 a month, Mr. Clements said.

“Technology is changing in our favor,” he said. “Costs are coming down and these tools are already easy for clients to operate. We see many, many more people turning to this kind of system so that they can stay in their homes.”

The goal of remaining at home also has attracted the interest of builders. In 2011, the Lennar Corporation, one of the country’s largest builders, began offering floor plans for new multigenerational suburban houses in California and Arizona that incorporate separate living quarters…

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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