Senior Home Care Expands In-Home Telemonitoring Services

As one of Senior Home Care’s service offerings, the company is expanding its in-home telemonitoring options to clients in its Florida-based home care agencies. 

The telemonitoring service is offered currently through several of Senior Home Care’s agencies, including Gainesville, Naples and Fort Meyers, and is now introducing the services to Winter Haven.

Its first foray into telemonitoring took place in July 2012 to help monitor home health patients who were identified to be high risk or suffer from chronic conditions. The telephonic intervention combined with in-person home health visits have shown improved patient outcomes as well as a reduction in hospital readmissions, the company reports. 


“While telemonitoring is a valuable tool when a patient is recovering from an acute illness or exacerbation of a chronic condition, our patient-centered approach to care focuses on ongoing self management for the future,” said Judy Fenton, Senior Home Care’s Director of Clinical Integration. 

The process involves a system that links a patient’s home with its home care providers via Cardiocom’s Commander FLEX device. The care is boosted to a 24/7 approach with the use of the technology. 

“During telemonitoring, our clinicians prepare patients for post-monitoring, so they are able to recognize key signs and symptoms – such as weight gain and swelling of the feet – that may require early intervention to prevent avoidable hospital re-admissions,” Fenton said.


The telemonitoring is now available in four of Senior Home Care’s 29 Florida-based home health outlets.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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