Samsung Tech Streamlines Home Health Supply Delivery, Reduces Labor Costs

Shifting from paper to electronic health records has helped one home health company streamline the delivery of medical supplies for its clinicians and reduce labor costs in the process.

Atlanta-based Home Healthcare Solutions is a nationwide supplier of patient-direct medical supplies for home care and hospice agencies across the United States. 

Utilizing Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone, among a variety of other mobile devices, Home Healthcare Solutions has been able to reduce labor costs by a third, according to Justin Shelton, a customer service supervisor for the company.


The mobile tech enables nurses and clinicians to complete supply order forms and instantly submit them, which has proven more time efficient for traveling home health workers on-the-go.

“Our main focus here at Home Healthcare Solutions is to make ordering quick and easy for clinicians, as they are often driving, talking on their phones or using laptops on the sides of roads,” said Shelton.

The lightweight Galaxy S II allows nurses to transport the device in and out of patients’ homes instead of hauling around laptops, says Shelton.


Professionals in the field can look up inventory numbers as well as previous patient information through the incorporation of billing software ProntoForms. 

Home Healthcare Solutions intends to order “a lot more” of the Samsung devices, given the success the company has already experienced.

The combination of Samsung devices equipped with AT&T’s 4G mobile service, along with the ProntoForms app, has helped to “make our jobs a lot easier,” said Shelton.

Written by Jason Oliva

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