Xbox Gaming Carries Potential for Home Health Care

Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console could extend its scope into home health care, especially as health monitoring technologies continue making advancements.

The next generation of Xbox console and Kinect device may be opening the door to health monitoring territory, reports HIT Consultant, and the broader spectrum of healthcare.

FItness games made available through Xbox Kinect allow users to work out in the comforts of their own homes, some even calculating how many calories are burned in a session.


Xbox One, Microsoft’s newest gaming endeavor, looks to up the health monitoring ante by introducing a new version of the Kinect that can read a user’s heartbeat.

Tools for tracking one’s personal health has grown and has the potential to gain even more significance with increases in home health care.

Between 2010 and 2020, the demand for home health care professionals is projected to increase by 70%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


“Having the ability to better monitor health metrics could help these home care specialists provide service to their patients, and collaborate with doctors in the event of a crisis,” writes the article.

The possibility that video game consoles could empower people of all ages to take control of their personal health.

“With this innovation, consoles could potentially become as integral for older generations as they have become for the younger ones,” writes the article.  

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Written by Jason Oliva

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