Mobile Doctors CEO Arrested for Home Healthcare Fraud

The CEO of Mobile Doctors, a company that manages physicians who make house calls, and one of its Chicago-based physicians were arrested this week for their alleged roles in a health care fraud scheme amounting to millions of dollars bilked from Medicare. 

The charges allege that the company, which is based in Chicago and makes house calls in six states, operated an “upcoding” scheme in which the company billed Medicare for visits that were more complicated than they actually were. The scheme also allegedly included false certifications of patients being confined to their homes. 

Federal agents have executed search warrants in the investigation in the company’s offices in Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis and warrants to seize up to $2.57 million in allege fraud proceeds. 


Arrests include Mobile Doctors CEO Dike Ajiri and Banio Koromo, a physician who has worked for Mobile Doctors since 2007. Ajiri has been charged with health care fraud and Koromo with making false statements relating to health care benefits in a criminal complaint, according to the Department of Justice. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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