New Report Arms Employers for Hiring and Retaining Caregivers

A new report sheds light on how companies can attract and retain caregiving staff by revealing caregiver trends like hiring competition wage persuasion, among other data. 

Competitors are actively trying to poach employees to fill their own pipeline, as 20% of professional caregivers receive 1-2 calls for work each week, regardless of employment status, according to myCNAjobs’ latests Caregiver Trend Report. 

“It pays to continuously build a bench of ready-to-work caregivers while building your own brand in the community,” says Chief Marketing Officer Brandi Kurtyka, who fashioned the report.


Another finding in the fourth quarter report for 2013 is that 10% of the workforce said they would leave a job for a $0.25 or less increase in pay. 

Given this, it is important for companies to focus on retaining the other 90%, says Kurtyka, who also adds that shifts and commute time are two key motivators across the board. 

The report from myCNAjobs comes at a time when homecare agencies, assisted living communities and nursing homes are under increased pressure to retain their talent and often cannot hire talent quickly enough to meet business demands. 


“Our latest report uncovered a few fascinating insights that can most certainly lead to a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” says Kurtyka. 

The report also outlines the influences of pay on retention rates, small incentives that can easily be employed to attract caregivers to work hard-to-fill shifts, and perceptions of working for an independent versus a franchise organization. 

Download the 2013 Q4 Caregiver Trend Report.

Written by Jason Oliva

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