NY Times Op-Ed: Home Care Wage Protections A Win, Timing is Problematic

While the recent decision by the Labor Department to include home care workers among those who receive minimum wage an overtime protections is being seen as a “victory” for home care workers, the timing could be problematic, writes the New York Times editorial board

In an op-ed published this week, the Times editors raise concerns that the effective date of the new rule, January 1, 2015, may be a “big drawback,” especially considering most rules take just 60 days to become effective, in comparison.

“…the longer it takes for the changes to go into effect, the greater the chances they will never come to pass,” the editorial writes. “The opposition to labor protections for home-care workers has been long and fierce. Unless President Obama and the secretary of labor, Thomas Perez, work with governors and labor and health care advocates to put the rule in place, one delay could beget more delay, which could beget repeal. This has happened before.”


The editors point to a long history for home care wage protections, including protections passed under the Clinton administration that were later reversed under George W. Bush.

“… it is, as yet, a victory in word, not deed,” the op-ed concludes. 

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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