Caregivers Prefer Working For Franchises over Independent Agencies

Among caregivers, certified nursing assistants and home health aides, more than half of workers prefer to work for a franchise rather than an independent agency. 

In response to a fourth-quarter caregiver survey conducted by myCNAjobs, 53% of caregivers said they prefer working for a franchise over working for an independent company. 

“Although the spread isn’t significant, it’s a reminder for both franchises and independents to play to their strengths to entice top talent to work for your organization,” said Brandi Kurtyka, Chief Marketing Officer of myCNAjobs in response to the findings. 


Among additional findings in the survey of more than 1,200 caregivers across the nation: available shifts, commute and start date are the biggest factors caregivers weigh when considering a new job, and they are often sought after by competing employers. One in five caregivers report receiving 1 to 2 phone calls per week from potential employers, while 5% say they receive 3 to 4 calls. 

Caregivers reported that while they vastly prefer to be contacted by phone for interviews, they are also very comfortable with online platforms, with more than 40% preferring to browse the web by smartphone. 

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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