Digital Health Academy Expansion Spotlights Home Care Tech

StartUp Health, a global startup platform geared toward accelerating health and wellness innovation, announced that several home care tech companies are among the newest members to its growing academy. 

The tech accelerator announced Monday from the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit the addition of 14 digital health companies to its exclusive long-term coaching program and community.

The 14 companies, several of which focused specifically on home health, represent a group of entrepreneurs focused on building digital health companies that target some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. 


Medicast is a company that aims to make it easy for anyone to receive access to a doctor with the click of a button. The home health web and mobile platform provides consumers with 24-hour on-demand medical services, including delivering high quality doctors directly to a patient’s home, office or hotel. 

Another home health-focused startup, RxApps, is on a mission to ensure patients’ emotional well-being is seen as equally relevant to their clinical health. RxApps supplements standard management of chronic illness using customizable text message prompts to track patient health, experiences and behavior metrics that influence outcomes.

Sense Health, a company focused on mobile health and patient relationship management, aims to provide healthcare professionals with a mobile platform to create, deliver and monitor interactive support plans for their patients in between appointments.


Apart from home health, other companies include a broad spectrum of innovation, such as genomics, aging sensors, patient and physician engagement, as well as mobile health and wellness, among others.

The selected companies’ passion and commitment to “fixing” a different aspect of healthcare by either helping to significantly reduce costs or dramatically improve care is a common theme among the Healthcare Transformers invited to StartUp Health’s 

A common theme among the selected companies invited to StartUp Health’s “Healthcare Transformers” three-year entrepreneurship program relates to their commitment to reducing costs or improving care, says Unity Stoakes, co-founder and president of StartUp Health.

“There’s no limit to what the Healthcare Transformer community will accomplish as we collaborate and innovate with each other and the world’s largest health organizations to grow and scale,” Stoakes said.

There’s also been a growing demand for companies interested in being taken under StartUp Health’s wing.

The accelerator has received more than 1,200 applications from 22 different countries, and has also cast its net wide enough to include four international companies into its expanding community (Brazil, Ireland, Israel, Spain), said Bari Krein, who leads StartUp Health’s review committee. 

“We work hard to select passionate digital health innovators who follow a ‘batteries-included’ motto and care as much about growing a great business as they do about collaborating as a peer group to help each other succeed,” Krein said.

As of October 2013, StartUp Health has a total of 46 digital health companies under its accelerator academy, having raised $106 million to date.

Written by Jason Oliva

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