Forbes: Healthcare Reforms to Create Perfect Storm for Health Tech in 2014

Healthcare reforms could create a “perfect storm” for technology entrepreneurs looking for growth in 2014 as the nation undergoes a shift in the way it delivers health services, according to a Forbes article.

The rollout of Obamacare this month is only one of the trends that stands to impact the healthcare technology industry, especially as healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to more of a fee-for-performance model, the article writes.

The rise of Accountable Care Organizations also look to support this paradigm shift as doctors will need to obtain more information about their patients in order to receive reimbursements from Medicare, says healthcare startup CEO Zoe Barry, who founded ZappRx, a company that combines e-prescribing with mobile payment technology.


Barry then goes on to share some advice on how a health technology startup can navigate the changing healthcare environment, without getting lost in the shuffle.

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Written by Jason Oliva


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