Intel-GE CareInnovations Launches Tech in Growing Canada Caregiver Market

Care Innovations, under a partnership between General Electric and Intel, is expanding its reach in caregiver technology through the launch of its Connect RCM product into Canadian markets.

Connect RCM is a caregiver technology that allows for cloud-based remote care monitoring. 

Care Innovations is targeting the Canada market based on a growing demographic of caregivers, similar to the rise among the U.S. caregiving population. 


“Over the past 15 years, the number of Canadian caregivers has increased by over 5 million, from 2.85 million in 19973 to more than eight million in 2012,” said Nadine Henningsen, president of the Canadian Caregiver Coalition.

The product benefits aim toward cost savings for caregivers, CareInnovations says, while catering directly to that population. 

“Connect RCM directly supports the Canadian healthcare system’s focus on disease prevention and management, and we’re very excited to collaborate with GE Healthcare to make it broadly available,” said Sean Slovenski, CEOr of Care Innovations. “As the population ages and more patients deal with chronic conditions, finding ways to extend care into home and community settings is imperative.”


Through the application, which caregivers can use remotely from a mobile device or computer, they can access clinical care management solutions, in-home patient applications and data integration. The product ultimately aims to connect clinicians and patients through the caregiving tool. 

“The introduction of Connect RCM is crucial for the Canadian market as healthcare leaders look for better ways to support millions of citizens dealing with chronic conditions,” said Peter Robertson, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare Canada. “We’re proud to offer Care Innovations’ remote care offerings in Canada.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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