Accelera Acquires Two Companies for $1.42 Million, Boosts Home Health Services

Healthcare software provider Accelera Innovations is ramping up its presence in the market for home health care through the $1.42 million acquisition of At Home Health Services and All Staffing Services, announced this week. 

Accelera’s wholly owned subsidiary At Home Health Management will operate both entities going forward, the company said upon the announcement. At Home Health Management is currently a provider of several care services including mental health, seniors, children, skilled nursing, therapists, wellness education, physical assistance and special care. The acquisition will bolster the company’s service lines and will allow more access to staffing services through All Staffing Services. 

“The acquisition of At Home Health Services and All Staffing Services will enhance our value proposition by offering our customers innovative solutions that add value, speed and quality to the home healthcare industry, allowing for significant costs savings to the healthcare system,” said Geoff Thompson, Accelera’s chairman, noting the company has completed three acquisitions in the last two weeks. 


The company will roll the new assets into its existing platform and will offer patients the ability to self-monitor and track conditions, as well as share data with doctors, in an effort toward improved communications. 

“We are delighted to welcome all the Home Health Services and All Staffing Services employees into the Accelera Group and to be able to benefit from their expertise and dedication. The successful completion of our acquisition of both companies presents new opportunities for Accelera and supports our strategy for growth in the changing healthcare marketplace,” said John Wallin Accelera’s CEO and president. “Together, we are well positioned competitively, strategically and financially to meet the evolving needs of the people we serve.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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