Kinnser Home Health and Hospice Tech Company Sees Sales Up 40%

Home health and hospice technology is continuing on its upward path. 

Software provider Kinnser reports revenue growth in 2013 of 40%, beating expectations and keeping an eye toward more expansion in the future. 

“Thanks to our innovative, high energy team, Kinnser exceeded expectations in 2013 with a heightened focus on customer service and new solutions-based products that are tackling the biggest demands in post-acute healthcare,” said Chris Hester, company president and founder.


Since its launch 10 years ago, Austin, Texas-based Kinnser has expanded well beyond its initial solution of going electronic with health records. In 2013, the company launched VisitVerify, a billing fraud prevention tool that allows home health providers to track patient visits using patient signatures and GPS. 

It was ranked by Deloitte last year as No. 135 for the nation’s fasted growing tech companies. 

Kinnser also added Kinnser Hospice to its product offerings; a web-based solutions that caters specifically to hospice clients.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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