Dallas Morning News Delves into Area Home Health Fraud

Dallas has recently become the focus of state and federal attention to Medicare health care fraud as one of the cities among all in the U.S. where home health fraud is most rampant. 

The Dallas Morning News delves into the issue in an article this week, looking into the population among which fraud has been conducted historically, and some of the recent instances where fraud has been prosecuted by the law. 

Some say there is no particular common trait or background among those who have been found guilty of home health fraud, but others, including law enforcement officials, have pointed to a large number of those investigated to be of Nigerian-American descent, according to the report. 


“But law enforcement officials and leaders in the Nigerian-American community describe Dallas home health care fraud as rampant and say a surprising number of the perpetrators — a third of all cases under investigation — involve Nigerian-Americans,” the Dallas Morning News writes. 

The article speaks with members of the Nigerian-American population in Dallas as well as law enforcement and the state’s attorney general’s office to pursue the topic further including the types of fraud, manners in which it is conducted, and possible reasons for such a strong presence in Dallas. 

Read the Dallas News article.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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