New Care Innovations Partnership Expands Home Health Solutions

A new partnership between Intel-GE Care Innovations and Caradigm will expand current offerings for patient engagement and home health solutions. 

The partnership will focus on leveraging growth in home monitoring data via Care Innovations’ remote patient monitoring solutions and smart sensor technologies in conjunction with the Caradigm Intelligence Platform. Doing so is expected to produce new insights and solutions for tailored care plans.

“The rate at which we are collecting and delivering robust clinical and behavioral data from the home is accelerating rapidly,” said Sean Slovenski, chief executive officer at Care Innovations, in a statement. “We need to integrate these diverse data sets to help support consumer preferences, lifestyles, communities, and care delivery models that lead to healthy consumer activation in their own care.”


Care Innovations will use Caradigm’s advanced cloud-based intelligence platform and analytics capabilities to cooperatively build innovative solutions based on data collected from the patient’s home, the two organizations announced. 

Consumer engagement is key to reducing health costs and improving the health care delivery system, he continued, and the “robust” data generated from remote care delivery systems can be harnessed to bring meaningful, personalized care support for clinicians, patients, and informal caregivers.

“Incorporating home health monitoring into the workflow of care managers will drive improved patient engagement and better adherence to care plans,” said Brian Drozdowicz, vice president of population health at Caradigm. “By bringing together the strengths of our combined resources toward a common goal of providing solutions for healthy, engaged populations, we can rapidly drive patient engagement across the healthcare ecosystem.”


Written by Alyssa Gerace

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