Tech, Health Care Alliance Aims to Bring Providers to Patients Via Web

Videoconferencing is bringing telehealth mainstream via a new partnership between HealthSpot and some of the nation’s leading health and technology providers via the Alliance for Connected Care. 

In an effort to bring health care into communities and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals, the alliance, led by former Senators Tom Daschle, Trent Lott and John Breaux, comprises members Verizon, WellPoint, CVS, Taladoc, Walgreens, Doctor on Demand, Welch Allyn, MDLIVE and Care Innovations in addition to HealthSpot. Ahe planned launch this week will demonstrate how telemedicine is shifting health care via online networks and live streaming with physicians and other providers. 

HealthSpot, a provider of kiosks that enable a patient to interact with his or her health care professional via teleconference, is aiming to bring costs down and addressability up through its participation in the organization. 


“HealthSpot has developed technology to produce the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare appointment on the market today. We’re currently working with policymakers and payers in the ecosystem to get telehealth visits reimbursed the same way as a regular office visit,” said Steve Cashman, HealthSpot CEO. “By joining a large group of leaders working toward the same patient-centric goals under the Alliance for Connected Care, we have a better advantage for engaging decision makers in telehealth policy conversations and ultimately decrease healthcare costs while increasing access to quality care.”

The company will conduct a demonstration of the technology in conjunction with speakers Daschle, Lott and Breaux presenting in Washington this week on regulations regarding health care and telemedicine including reimbursement rules and law.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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