Axxess Streamlines Home Health Software for iPhone, Android Users

Axxess has streamlined the use of its home health management software by making it available for Apple and Android device users to download for free via the Apple App or Google Play stores. 

Dallas-based Axxess is a company that provides cloud-based software to the home health care industry, with the intent of empowering home health professionals to improve efficiencies and sharpen focus on patient care.

The app, Axxess Agencycore, features a built-in Electronic Verification Visit system that establishes proof of care by capturing a patient’s signature and recording the time and location of the visit. 


The app can be used to document vital signs and other visit notes at the point of care, including the ability to instantly upload images taken with the Apple or Android device. 

Users of the app can also access patient-care plans at a glance and manage their schedules in real time. 

Axxess Agencycore is HIPAA-compliant and includes built-in, passcode-enabled encrypted security that keeps user information secure, even if the mobile device is lost or stolen. 


“With well over 50,000 home health professionals and administrators using the Axxess software every day, rolling out the industry’s first platform-agnostic mobile app helps our clients work more efficiently and effectively, regardless of their device,” said Axxess CEO John Olajide. “Its ease of use helps home health professionals focus on patient care rather than on paperwork, while still providing the most comprehensive documentation in the industry.”

Written by Jason Oliva

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