Industry Group Commends Congress on Home Health Action

Congressional leaders are considering a potential solution to Medicare home health benefits reductions implemented under the Affordable Care Act, to the great relief of home health industry groups including the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare.  

The ACA calls for a 14% cut to Medicare home health funding in the next four years, which began on January 1.

Congressional leaders are now considering a home health rebasing relief and reassessment provision for potential inclusion in the Sustainable Growth Rate legislative package that would provide “targeted relief” to 3.5 seniors designated who rely on home health, along with the 1.1 million healthcare professionals who provide them with home health services. 


Another aspect of the provision directs the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to reassess the ACA cut by analyzing its impact on small businesses and underserved areas, and report her findings to Congress.The relief and reassessment provision is fully self-funded and would contribute net savings to the Sustainable Growth Rate package. 

“We are deeply grateful to leading Members of Congress for considering home health rebasing relief and reassessment as part of the SGR package,” said Eric Berger, CEO of the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare. “The 14 percent home health rebasing cut poses a dire threat to millions of vulnerable seniors, women, and working Americans. As a result, Congress’ work on home health rebasing relief and reassessment is of enormous importance to so many people across the U.S.” 

Written by Alyssa Gerace


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