Texas Home Care Association Raises Major Concerns on Obama Budget Proposal

The Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice voiced concerns this week over two major home care provisions in the Obama Administration’s 2015 budget proposal released earlier this month: a home health co-pay and further reimbursement reductions to providers. 

The timing of these changes would be problematic, the association said, following a 1% reduction in Medicare home health that began on January 1 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. Further, agencies could be stressed to the point of having to shut down with all of the changes taking place in succession, the association said. 

“These proposed reductions are at odds with encouraging more cost effective care. Home health is not only the most fiscally responsible solution, but it is also the setting in which most patients want to receive necessary care,” said Rachel Hammon, executive director of TAHC&H. “Should Congress enact these portions of this budget it will only drive up costs and will disproportionately affect elderly, disabled and medically frail Texans.”


The association commended the administration for proposed funds that would continue to combat healthcare fraud, and said it looks forward to working with legislators on cost-effective measures for home care and hospice.

“As the budget debate begins, we look forward to continuing our work with legislators, regulators and other stakeholders to ensure our state’s patients and taxpayers continue to benefit from cost-effective home care and hospice services,” Hammon said. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker


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