AAHomecare Embarks on Medicare Audit Tracking System for HME Providers

The American Association for Homecare is moving forward with its campaign to track the impact of Medicare audits on providers of home medical equipment (HME) through its Audit Key initiative.

The HME Audit Key was born out of the need to develop a system that shows lawmakers in Washington the affects audits have on HME providers, many of which the industry group says are “suffering financially” as a result. 

“AAHomecare member companies are unable to help patients and are suffering financially,” AAHomecare writes in a letter preceding the Audit Key’s contribution form. “However, anecdotal stories and self-reported data are not credible and not persuasive with policymakers.”

AAHomecare is embarking on a funding campaign that will run over the next two years to raise the $250,000 necessary for the HME Audit Key.

To date, the fund as accumulated $43,500 in its first two weeks—contributions stemming from the AAHomecare Executive Committee and Board of Directors along with VGM Group, Inc. and The MED Group. 

“Our industry has been asked for data on audits and we have been unable to provide it. This is a missed opportunity in a dire situation,” writes AAHomecare. “To successfully work towards audit reform, the industry must move towards a true and complete picture of audit activity and its impact.”

Written by Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva

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